The skinny on ikat


Ikat fabric exhibits a subtle "blurriness" that is a result of a it's resist dyeing process. No two pieces will ever look identical,...which appeals greatly to me, because it fits well with my design sensibility of coaxing out subtleties and relationships that are unexpected and fresh. Deft cropping and composition puts an interesting spin on color blocking.

While tie silhouettes are ever shifting, from narrow to wide and back, I always find room in my collection for some ultra-slim ties.

The lack of sheer mass draws one's attention to interesting fabrication techniques, details and those perfect imperfections found only a hand-made ties. Note the "fissure" of color on the burgundy/olive tie and the powder blue/navy tie, the result of laying an accent strip of fabric between two opposing selvage edges, or the fire-engine red welted stripe on the teal/black tie.

The two tones of denim on the far left tie are joined by the horizontal black bands of cotton ticking.

I don't consider any design successful if it doesn't "dance"! 



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