Kentucky Derby Spirit

Trine, an LA based boutique experience agency approached Timo Weiland and me with the challenge of creating bespoke bow ties for their clients who were bound for The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. The Derby is undoubtedly the preeminent occasion to peacock and in bow ties and ladies in stylish, flamboyant hats.

They wanted to go way beyond just "gifting" a tie however. Rather, they asked us to design an array of ties that were highly customizable by each individual to suit their personal preferences.

Always up for a design challenge, we delved right in!

Our solution was to create five "genres" of ties,...seersucker, horseshoe motif, thoroughbred motif, geometric and derby festive.

Each design genre offered multiple choices of fabric, color and custom embroidery combinations. When all of the permutations were taken into account, the variables numbered in the hundreds!

The real challenge was in organizing the process so that it would be engaging without being overwhelming.

You be the judge, but we were pleased with the effort and results.

Each tie was tailor-made to the client's specifications and delivered in the custom designed package bearing the collaboration of Timo Weiland and Richard Tao.

This was a unique and rewarding experience for all involved and we look forward to similar endeavors in the future.

To quote Winston Churchill - "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle"!



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